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Our society has given people the misimpression that only geniuses are inventors.  The reality is that inventing is part of being human.  We all can do it.


Alexis is an advocate for adding "Inventing 101" classes to middle school curricula. Students would learn about teen inventors, the invention process, and classic "back to the drawing board" stories.  They would be given an opportunity to make inventions of their own, either individually or in teams.


"Inventing 101" could be taught as an elective, much like "Mythology" is taught as a year-long elective in the schools where Alexis lives.  As Alexis puts it, "Mythology is about stories that were never real and gods that were not real. Inventing is real.  See my point?"  Alexis loves mythology, actually, but she sees "Inventing 101" as more relevant to the needs of modern society.


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