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Alexis Lewis: 17-year-old inventor and advocate for     "Inventing 101" classes in middle schools across America

Alexis Lewis:


Alexis is a normal teenage kid who stumbled upon the truth that everyone is a natural-born inventor.  Armed with that knowledge, Alexis set out to invent items that would make people's lives easier and, perhaps, save lives.  


Who told Alexis that everyone can invent?  The sponsors of the Discovery/3M Young Scientist Challenge and the ePals-Smithsonian Spark!Lab Invent It Challenge.  


When Alexis was 12 years old, she heard about the Discovery/3M Young Scientist Challenge.  She looked at the competition's website, which showcased a whole bunch of middle school inventors.  After that, she never questioned whether kids could invent.


Then, when Alexis was 13 years old, she learned about the ePals-Smithsonian Spark!Lab Invent It Challenge, which is open to students 5-18 years old from all over the world.  She was impressed with the inventions of even the youngest group.  For example, a nine-year-old made a "sand sleeve" to help steady the shaking hand of her grandfather.  


Alexis firmly believes that America's middle schools should offer "Inventing 101" classes.  Who knows what will happen when kids realize that inventing is not reserved for geniuses?  Perhaps it will start an "Invention Nation"!


Personal Info:  Alexis currently is a senior in high school.  For most of her life,

Alexis was homeschooled.  Homeschooling provided an opportunity for Alexis

to do what she loves -- create and invent!  She enjoys creating on Tinkercad,

printing her creations on her MakerBot Replicator 2 3D printer, designing challenging

missions on Kerbal Space Program, and writing science fiction stories.  She reads

TIME, New Scientist, Discover, Wired, and Popular Science from cover to cover.

Her fantasy job would be to join the Mythbusters team (you see, she is just

a normal teenage kid).  



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